WP Darts is an application where you can find places to play darts, both soft darts and steel darts, the app cover the whole world.

The venue can be easily add on app by users, after a verify from WP Darts operators the venue will be added.

The app is an important help for those who travel around the world and want to meet up in venue used to play darts, but that’s not all: it is simple and suitable for everyone, even for the curious and for lovers of our sport in general.

The base venue will be added whit localization and address on the map, indicating both soft and steel dartboards.

For those who would like to add more information such as photos, opening hours, extras of the venue, description and events, the switch to premium is obligatory, at a cost of only 50€ per year you can become premium and insert as much event as you want.

Once the event has been created, a notification will be sent within a 100 kilometer radius to all users of the app and all users that have indicated your area as a place of interest.

Becoming premium is essential for the growth of our game and your venue, in fact by having as many people as possible to download the app, notification will reach many users and you will be able to add any event for your venue, not only relating to the world of darts but also cultural, musical, enogastronomic and more.

By attracting more people to the event, they will also see and enjoy the game of darts and as often happens, they will fall in love with our sport.

If you own a Dart Store it’s very important to be present on the map with as much information as possible, in order to make your shop known and attract more customers in your town

Greater network between user and greater possibility of having new customers and fans of our sport, download WP Darts app, switch to premium, small investment, maximum result



Download and print the PDF flyer of our application. Hang it in your club. You will help other players find your favorite place.